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The New DeSoto
Not Your Father's Bluegrass Band

DeSoto is an exciting bluegrass band, based in Maryland and playing in the Mid-Atlantic states, from North Carolina to Pennsylvania.  DeSoto draws tunes from many sources and gives them that hard-driving bluegrass sound, packaged into a smooth-running, entertaining show.

News Flashes

DeSoto will be appearing at Cactus Flats on April 17th, 2005. This will be the band's first outing since October and there will be plenty of surprises for those who come out to hear the band. Be there!!

If you'd like to hear DeSoto, contact us for information about our CDs or check out one of our personal appearances.  For bookings, contact Howard Parker at 410-766-3115 or e-mail to (hlpdobro@intr.net) or Dallas Blair at 301-466-7719 or email to (macs_rule@mac.com). 

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